Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Obama campaign released its Q1 fundraising numbers today, and they're astonishing. He raised "at least $25M", and about $23M of that is OK for use in the primary. The Clinton camp will not reveal how much of her $26M is for the general election, but it's generally believed to be a significant percentage. Also staggering is the amount of money Obama raised online ($7M,) the number of donors (over 100K), and his low average donation/donor compared to Hillary's.

If you like Obama, this is a huge day. It's long been assumed that Clinton's biggest strength is her ability to fundraise ungodly amounts of money, and that she'd chip bully her opponents out of the race as quickly as possible. The fact that a two-year Senator who started the race with a donor base of about 90K, mostly in Illinois, can raise more money than the wife of an extremely popular two term President is simply stunning.

UPDATE: ABC is saying it's Obama $23.5M for the primaries, Clinton $20M. That's a win, people.

Analogcabin @ 9:23 AM
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