Thursday, December 02, 2004

The reasons I'm intrigued by the Debra Beasley Lefave story go beyond my admittedly unoriginal, but nonetheless genuine arousal at the idea of a very attractive young reading teacher imparting on me how to sound out "cunnilingus," or that whenever I write about her, my site's hits go through the roof. I'm fascinated by her mind.

So you can imagine my thrill today when I heard about the courtroom revelation that she was a motorsports model. No don't imagine, for your feeble mind cannot grasp the thrill. Instead, let me tell you: The thrill was great. In fact, it was rivaled only by my thrill at the motorsports modeling shots themselves. It was a feast of insight into her delightful mind.

There are some jobs you do, but you never become. Often you hear actors claims this about being waiters. You also hear it from poised-to-matriculate college students while they're grinding their waxed and shined bingos into your breadbasket to the sound of "Girls, Girls, Girls." I'd suggest that a reading teacher is one of these jobs.

There are other jobs that you become fully and completely. They change your identity. Marines will tell you that they'll be a Marine long after they've left the Corps. Personally, I've got the thousand yard stare from my months working at The Disney Store.

The point is, once you turn to motorsports modeling -- the endless days of lycra and hose pressed against the hot sheet steel of a low riding '89 Chevy Malibu -- you never really come back from it.

And so Debra Beasley Lafave's story, once so alluringly baffling, is suddenly, perfectly clear.

Analogcabin @ 1:08 PM
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