Monday, December 06, 2004

Because I hope to become the clearing house for all Debra Lafave information, here's a quick update.

Thanks to The Corsair, I can point you in the direction of the Temple Terrace Police Department's delectable files on the Lafave Affair. The Smoking Gun, ever ready to misuse the Freedom of Information Act for our benefit, posts the answers to pants-pressing questions like exactly what The Teacher of This Year and Every Other wore during each encounter with her "victim" and how she shaves her snizz.

And thanks to a reader and good friend we'll call "The Wanton Professor," I can share that the apparently still alive and working in television Deborah Norville interviewed the cuckolded-by-a-Weblos Mr. Owen Lafave. He related to Norville and America the tale of how Lafave purchased him an Apple iPod sometime during her affair with the student. Mr. Lafave was not aware of the gift until after his wife's arrest, when the police searched her belongings. After relating the sad tale he said, "And I have to admit that I've enjoyed that iPod many times since." I don't think there could be a more striking endorsement of the iPod than that of a man who received it from his wife after finding out that she's been blowing a 14-year-old in the back of an Isuzu Rodeo.

Debra Beasley Lafave, above, looking hot in a white sundress. Police reports indicate she wasn't wearing panties.

Lafave, again above, works her magic on a Florida judge, proving she doesn't discriminate by age.

Analogcabin @ 9:12 AM
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