Tuesday, November 09, 2004

There are those among us that will say that Aleta St. James, the 57-year-old whose delivery of twins made the news today, is selfish and irresponsible for what she's done. They'll say that just because your withered old womb works well enough to fleshubate donated eggs fertilized in-vitro doesn't mean you should do it. They'll say that St. James subjected the children to a high risk of premature birth which could have meant severe brain damage and that, simply because she beat those odds, the children will still most likely be orphaned in their teens. There'll be people that say that, if they're not orphaned, they'll enjoy formative years made full by changing their mother's diapers. They'll learn to drive on trips back and forth to doctors' offices and hospitals. They'll lose their virginity while out past curfew, but will suffer no punishment because their senile mother thinks curfew is the loveseat in the family room. There'll be people who say that Aleta St. James has put her children into the position of choosing a college at the same time they're choosing a nursing home. These people will say that you need not look further than Aleta's son's name -- Gian, pronounced "John" -- for evidence of her "to hell with the children, pay attention to me, world!" attitude.

To those people, I say that I respectfully disagree. Consider this: I enjoy watching an adult movie from time to time. Shocking, I know, but it's true. And occassionally, before I do so, I like to treat myself to a bit of marijuana, or even some delightful crack cocaine. When I'm feeling particularly indulgent, I might even choose to cap off my evening by spoiling myself with a half and half from one of my local red light district's less cost-prohibitive streetwalkers.

I know, I'm a bit of a bon vivant.

But that's not my point. The delightful porn star, so eager to take two in the dumper and one in the mouth; the drug dealer who cheerfully slings me my rock, and at rock bottom prices; the two-bit whore kind enough to remove her dentures before finishing me off -- these people didn't happen by accident.

If everyone's parents lived long enough to see them learn to ride a two-wheeler, these important jobs might go undone. And that, people of America and the world, is something I hope I don't live long enough to see.

Analogcabin @ 1:25 PM
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