Tuesday, November 23, 2004

If you've never thought you'd be injured by a cell phone explosion, think again. This article tells the sad story of Curtis Sathre, and reminds us all we've got plenty to give thanks for this year.

In a split second last August, [his son] Michael's exploding cell phone had hit him between the eyes and lodged in the ceiling of the family's home in Oceanside, California.

His eyes still watering from the pain and flash of light, the elder Sathre tried to make his way to the kitchen to call 911. Sadly, his trip was cut short. Because his ears were ringing, he didn't hear Michael warn him about the banana peel he'd carelessly dropped onto the foyer's tile floor. Sathre was up-ended and hung horizontal in the air for what seemed like an eternity. He hit the floor with such force, the cell phone dislodged from ceiling and landed, again squarely on the bridge of Sathre's nose. With that, the phone sounded its death rattle, emitting a warbled version of the ring tone Michael's father had come to loathe even before the incident -- Andrew W.K.'s "Party Hard." Ironic, then, that he looked now like nothing so much as the album's cover photo.

Analogcabin @ 4:58 PM
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