Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I was watching Larry King last night because I love hard hitting news-erviews and grumbled sentence fragments. Well let me tell you, Larry delivered that and a whole lot more.

His guest was Kyle Maynard, a young man who suffers from something called congenital amputation. Now if you, like me, don't speak fancypants, you might have assumed that this means that Kyle was born without genitals. Apparently this isn't the case. Congenital amputation means that Kyle was born with short little jointless limbs -- he kind of looks like he's had all four limbs amputated. And I suppose he has... by God. Anyway, the reason Larry was talking to Kyle is that he's a wrestler and was recently awarded ESPN's 2004 Espy. What exactly that means, I don't know, but it was enough for Larry.

Now I think it's fantastic that Kyle is a can do kind of guy, that he doesn't let his disability stop him, that it's not a handicap, it's a handican, and all that stuff. But isn't one of the things that makes wrestling hard avoiding getting locked up into an arm bar or, like, a figure four leg lock? Not so hard if you don't have arms or legs. Plus, is any fully-limbed wrestler really going to give it their all against this guy? Granted, wrestlers are often not all there, but I seriously doubt it.

The way I see it, calling this guy a great wrestler is like calling a baby a great boxer because no one will punch him in the ring.

Analogcabin @ 1:50 PM
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