Monday, November 15, 2004

The FDA has requested that drug dealer Pfizer pull its "Wild Thing" television campaign for blockbuster weenie-hardening agent Viagra off the air because the spots omit specifics about the drug and its side-effects.

One of the regulatory agency's specific complaints is that the commercials fail to mention the disorder Viagra treats -– erectile disfunction. Instead, it makes oblique reference to a man named "Wild Thing" who disappeared but is now back, presumably thanks to Viagra. The FDA claims that the ad's references to "Wild Thing" could be construed as meaning the drug will "resurrect the mysterious Sasquatch." According to the FDA's letter to Pfizer, the agency is "not aware of substantial evidence or substantial clinical experience demonstrating this benefit, though that would be amazing and wonderful, indeed."

The FDA's letter to Pfizer continued:

By showing images of men throwing footballs through tire swings, inserting steamed hot dogs into orchid blooms, or thrusting their forefingers in and out of a circle formed by the thumb and forefinger of their other hand over and over, spots advertising Viagra competitors like Cialis make it very clear that they're intended to prepare a penis for insertion into a receptacle of the user's choosing.

Analogcabin @ 4:06 PM
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