Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Dear God:

Hi! How's it going? It's been, like, forever. How are you? Tell me everything!

Things are going pretty good on this end. I don't know if you heard I moved, but I did, and I really like the new place. It's bigger, and I don't have downstairs neighbors anymore, which is awesome. Other than that, not much to report. A little bit of gray in the beard, but still fucking sexy, you know? Seriously.

I feel a little awkward about this, especially since we haven't been all that close since, like, ever, but I was really hoping you could do me a favor and make sure Kerry gets elected. I know you're probably getting all kinds of shit from the Bush people, but you know as well as I do those people aren't thinking right. I mean, I know you like to do things on the down low and it's not like I want you to blow your cover and hit him with lightning or anything. But really, dude. I think we've all learned our lesson. Especially the Iraqis. And all the Arabs, I guess. And gays and blacks. And not rich people.

Anyway, just keep it in mind, you know? And give me a shout when you're out in this neck of the woods... we'll grab a beer or whatever.

Analogcabin @ 1:23 PM
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