Monday, November 22, 2004

By now we've all heard about Chai Vang -- the hunter who managed to kill five and wound three yesterday before running out of ammo and calling it a day. Usually bagging those kind of numbers is considered a great feat during Wisconsin's deer season. But Vang was shooting at people, so the hunting community's response has been more subdued.

Vang was arrested and police allege he shot the eight people during the course of a dispute over use of a tree stand. But until a jury decides whether or not Vang mistook the octet for a herd, we're left to ask ourselves, "Who is this deadeye and what makes him tick?"

I began my search where I begin so many: at Google. According to the story, Vang's a native of St. Paul. I put two and two together, and looked for "Chai Vang St. Paul." I was caught off-guard when I came up with this telling and touching art work.

Accompanying the piece is the following explanation from the artist:

Help stopping pollution from getting to the river sot he fish could liv in the Mississippi River
because our body is made out of water and we drink water from the Mississippi River.

And how.

So before you find him guilty, I ask you all this: Are our bodies not made of water? Do we not want fish to liv in the mighty Mississip? Is not the plight of our environment more important than a few slow hunters?

Analogcabin @ 11:44 AM
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