Friday, January 09, 2004

Preferring New Hampshire to Vermont or vice versa seems a little silly to me, but maybe that's because I'm not a huge maple syrup guy. Vermont resident Steven Kelly, on the other hand, has a preference, and that preference is Vermont.

"I love having a Vermont address. I'm proud of it. It's a cool place to live," said Kelly in this CNN article. The piece didn't make clear whether Kelly intended the "cool place" comment to be a pun.

Nonetheless, Steven's preference is in jeopardy, as his home town of Killington is considering attempting secession to New Hampshire. Apparently the wealthy resort town is unhappy with its tax burden and feels as though it'd be better off as part of its sales and income tax free neighbor to the east. Or west. Whichever it is.

Trigger happy Vermont officials, presumably speaking on behalf of Howard Dean, baited Killington residents by saying that their secession has little chance of success "absent an armed insurrection." Killington rebels are expected to respond with violence, "until the blood of our oppressors in Montpelier flows like maple syrup and paints our famed hills red."

Analogcabin @ 9:39 AM
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