Monday, January 19, 2004

Much of the blogosphere is silent today, no doubt in recognition of MLK and the day off he died to provide. I cannot be silent, however, because I, too, have a dream.

My dream is a dream that people will be brought together. Specifially, the Amish and UPN's primetime programmers. I have a dream that attractive Amish teens aged but 16 years will be the focus of a reality television show. I have a dream that they will be taken from their rural homes to Los Angeles, where they will be subjected to each of Hollywood's many temptations. Perhaps they will even be subjected to The Temptations. I have a dream that their escapades, and even their sexcapades, will be televised in a weekly, one hour format. I have a dream that they will be completely without self-consciousness, as they never will have watched reality television, or any television for that matter, and that they will have not learned the lessons of Jerri or of Richard Hatch.

Unlike MLK's dreams of racial equality and peace, my dream has already come true. I'm not saying it's because I'm a great leader of men. It's because I set my sites a little lower than MLK. It makes for less disappointment.

Analogcabin @ 7:22 AM
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