Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Is pitching gay?

It's an ages-old conundrum, and today remains one of the sport's most divisive issues. There will always be fans that argue pitching is not gay. They assert that, for the best pitchers, the catcher is irrelevant. Great pitchers can toss effectively to any catcher, or to no catcher at all. They argue that pitching is an important part of the game and, in many cultures, it is considered integral to one's growth as a player.

Other fans will argue that the very definition of gay is delivering a heater, slider, curve, spit, or ball into another man's pocket.

"I'm not gay. I'd like to clear that up right now," said 23-year-old Indians pitching prospect Kazuhito Tadano. In this case, he's no mere victim of the philosophical debate on the gayness of pitching. This is one pitcher that actually appeared in a gay porno movie. And not as an extra, either.

Tadano held a press conference today in a totally misguided attempt to put an end to the controversy surrounding the porno, which he made when he was, "...young, playing baseball, and going to college and [his] teammates and [he] needed money." Obviously Japanese baseball teams haven't heard of selling candy bars. Regardless, the Tadano situation is certain to fuel the already flaming issue that is the gayness of pitching.

Thankfully, there are some issues on which all fans can agree. Like that catchers are totally gay. Inning after inning, they're on their knees. They face down hard pitches, they face down soft pitches. The best catchers shag foul balls. Come on. Consider Mike Piazza.

Batter up!
Gay Porn Star/Cleveland Indians Pitcher Kazuhito Tadano

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