Friday, January 16, 2004

I never got the whole White Stripes thing, and I still don't. Now that the backlash is in full effect, my admission isn't even remotely unique, and would certainly not warrant your marginally valuable attention under normal circumstances. Everyone's placing bets on whether Jack White or Ryan Adams will reach the Nadir of Integrity first these days. I realize it's blasé, and I wouldn't bring it up unless I thought it was worth what you're paying.

It's definitely not cool to admit, but I've liked Rush for a long time. Sure, they've been out of regular rotation for the past decade or so, but I was a big fan in my teens. The early to mid-era stuff, of course, and absolutely nothing after Presto. I saw them live two or three times, in fact.

I bring it up because Diablo Cody recently made the argument that Rush is better than the White Stripes. I was moved.

The comparison is especially relevant in light of the recent arrests of Jack and Rush axman Alex Lifeson. What's more rock and roll, punching some acne faced never-was named Stollsteimer in a jealous rage, or tearing up the Ritz on New Year's Eve, then throwing a cop down some stairs? I think you know the answer. And Lifeson's doing it at 50.

Analogcabin @ 7:19 AM
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