Friday, September 09, 2005

File this one under Mission: Accomplished. The Bush administration has made the decision to "recall" FEMA chief Michael Brown to Washington, and one can assume it's not so that he can offer his resignation from the White House rose garden while Bush and Cheney look earnestly apologetic in the background. His triumphant return comes hot on the heels of word that Time has discovered that his official FEMA resume vastly overstates his prior emergency management experience. Specifically, Brown claimed to have been the "assistant city manager" of Edmund, Oklahoma "overseeing the emergency-services division" whereas Time's investigation found that, in a bit of comedy ripped from TV's The Office, Brown was actually the assistant to the city manager, and that his duties were more like those of "an intern."

This all brings back the exchange between Nancy Pelosi and Bush reported widely last week. Pelosi suggested that Bush fire Brown, and Bush asked why. When Pelosi responded by saying he should be fired because of all of the things that didn't go right with the Katrina response, Bush reportedly said, "What didn't go right?"

Video of the Pelosi news conference via Crooks and Liars.

"Head of FEMA? Sure! How hard could it be? If I could handle getting coffees and sucking cocks in Edmund, I can handle anything!"

Analogcabin @ 12:05 PM
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