Thursday, May 19, 2005

Scientists, always eager to baffle us with information that sounds impressive but has no real world application whatsoever, have decided that the earthquake behind last year's December 26 tsunami was the longest ever recorded.

Funny. That's what my doctor said after measuring my weintraub.


But seriously, folks. Thousands of Sumatrans were killed in the tsunami leaving us without the cheap labor needed to pick and roast my favorite blend of coffee. The tsunami is no laughing matter.

It was so serious in fact that an international group of seismologists set aside their personal feuds to work together and study the event. It was a congregation the likes of which hasn't been seen since the opening of The Star Trek Experience at Las Vegas' Hilton Hotel and Geeksino.

Their conclusion: The quake released an amount of energy equal to a 100 gigaton bomb.

You heard me right. I said a gigaton.

The scientists also speculate that the quake displaced like a cajillion gallons of water, and that the wave generated moved outward in all directions at speeds reaching a bazillion miles per hour.

The Sumatra earthquake displaced a fucking cajillion gallons of water, shown above.

Analogcabin @ 12:06 PM
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