Thursday, September 02, 2004

There are those who read this and even more who know me that would claim I never admit to being wrong. Well, to you and to those people I say with a voice like a clarion, "you're wrong."

Maybe it's that I teeter on the edge of nerdom myself (shocking, I know,) but I've been making fun of geeks for a long time. It's a great love of mine. In recent years one of my favorite targets has been those nerds that run that SETI@home screensaver thing on their computers -- usually in the company IT help desk office. You'll ask what the fuck it is, they'll proudly respond that it allows SETI to use the processor of their idling computer to parse data collected by the extraterrestial search organization. Then you snicker and tell them they should apply those processor cycles to finding a girl to kiss, or you tell them The Search for Spock already ended.

Well, the laughs is on me. Today scientists announced that they've received a radio signal that may have originated from aliens, and it was found using SETI@home.

So I was wrong, and I apologize to all the geeks in the house.

Analogcabin @ 11:49 AM
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