Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I got this big tip from a little friend.

The article details the story of how Yusaf Islam, formerly Cat Stevens, formerly Stephen Georgiou was denied entry into the US by officials from the Department of Homeland Security. The incident occurred after the passenger manifest for United flight 919 was checked against a government terror watchlist. Apparently one of Stevens' names showed up, though it's unclear which. (Personally, I'd put my money on Yusaf Islam -- you might as well be named Terror Hijackenbomb.) The plane was diverted to Maine, I suppose because there aren't any worthwhile targets there. Islam was interviewed and promptly put on the next flight back to Pinkoville, or where ever it is he lives. Though the fate of future visits to the US is uncertain, Islam can be sure of one thing -- he's being followed by more than a moonshadow.

Islam, pictured below receiving the prestigious Thinker award from the International Society for Identity Crises, did his best-known work in the form of Cat Stevens, when he wrote pandering and warbly tunes for pretentious audiences. His current incarnation is best known for fabulous, trendsetting hairstyles.

Analogcabin @ 8:03 AM
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