Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Stanley Shepp has already proven having a silly name isn't legally actionable. For his next trick, he hopes to prove the same of teaching one's daughter about polygamy.

Smart money takes the bet that the phrase "teaching one's daughter about polygamy" gets this site Google hits.

According to CNN, Shepp is Morman that really believes in more, man. Soon after he and his ex-wife married and converted to Mormanism, he became obsessed with the idea of polygamy. He claims it's because the practice will secure his place next to John Smith at God's Table in the Heavenly Sizzler. Suffice it to say, that didn't fly with Mrs. Shepp, who'd rather broast to perfection in Lucifer's rotisserie than be one slice in a sloppy Shepp sandwich.

Anyone that's ever tried to finagle a ménage à trois, knows that, when the stakes are high, Malcolm was right. But Shepp takes any means necessary to a new level, incorporating daughterly nagging into his arsenal.

"Well, honey, Mommy's not comfortable allowing Daddy to go forth and multiply with Ms. McGuire, even though there's plenty of Daddy to go around, so I guess that means Daddy will spend the eternity of afterlife being scraped free of his flesh by 1001 incubi wielding white hot kitchen graters."

Shepp Counting His Imaginary Harem

Analogcabin @ 12:57 PM
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