Monday, December 22, 2003

So this England place that you might have heard about is the same thing as Britain. Weird, I know. Weirder still is that apparently neither one is part of the US. I was shocked, too, but that's what's really awesome about life -- no matter how old you are, you can still learn more stuff.

Anyway, the whole "England as Soverign Nation" concept must have been what kept me from winning any of The Guardian's Best of Blogging 2003 Awards, which were announced last Thursday. My disappointment melted into utter dismissal of the entire affair when I read that the Best Written award went to a blog called Belle de Jour ("bell for you," translated from the Spanish) run by a London prostitute. I ate my words (delish, by the by) when I visited and found this "Bell for You" to be quite good. At times it tends toward the overly Erotic with a capital E, but if that's a crime, then lock me away, child, as I'm often told that my writing can toughen the softest parts.

But do the trials and travails of a London prostitute have enough buzz to knock Whatevs off the top of the charts? The answer should be obvs.

Analogcabin @ 7:48 AM
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