Monday, December 01, 2003

It wasn't that long ago that I waxed disgusted about even the most veiled implication that presidential candidate/ghoul Dennis Kucinich is a sexual being. Today CNN ups the ante with a follow-up article on the surge of romantic interest in the tallowy also ran. Unfortunately, they've placed the article in the Offbeat section, thereby admitting the subtext of this entire Kucinich affair -- that the idea of finding a mate for this man is something akin to a small town holding a Dating Game contest for its blue ribbon sow.

I'm with CNN on the subtle jab. In fact, I applaud it. What's got my goat is that the article off-handedly mentions that Kucinich has been married not once, but twice. Perhaps I overlooked something, but I recall the first article conjuring images of an ugly idealist, driven to public service by his utter dearth of charm or looks. It's an image I was creeped out by, certainly, but ultimately OK with. The serial divorcee Kucinich is a much more repulsive notion, and when considered in the context of the article, I'm driven to wonder if women are completely daft.

Ah. The use of "daft." It's like a thorough Gold Bond powdering of the genitals after a hot shower.

Dennis Kucinich Offers a Female Reporter an Exclusive. Penising.

Analogcabin @ 10:22 AM
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